Guided Wave


Pipeline corrosion is a major problem in oil, power and petrochemical industries. Many of the pipes/pipelines are buried or insulated, it is not easy to inspect and monitor their conditions in effective way. Spot checking on the Pipelines may give an approximate idea of the conditions but it has lots of technical limitations in concluding pipeline integrity. Process Piping and Pipelines are critical elements of any Petroleum Plants were accurate monitoring their reliabilities will prevent unexpected shut downs, environmental effects, or delays during maintenance period.

“Our highly trained and experienced Operators can take any challenges in Guided Wave Inspection Technology using our updated equipment and advance supporting technologies.”

Guided Wave Ultrasonic Inspection Technology provides an ultimate solution for the inspection of bare, buried and insulated pipelines. Guided Wave is a 100% screening tool to locate erosion or corrosion locations in the pipelines more effective than the spot inspection tools. The biggest advantage of Guided Technology is that you can screen your Pipe/Pipeline in service regardless of type of products inside.