Pipe Wizard Girth Weld Inspection System


The Pipe WIZARD is an automated grith weld inspection system using phased array. TOFD and conventional UT techniques (AUT). Specially designed for in-site weld-to-weld inspection in extreme environments, on-shore and off-shore.

Key Features

The Key features of the PipeWIZARD are:

  • The PipeWIZARD system uses the zone discrimination technique
  • Transverse indications in the weld can be identified using an optional transverse module having four dedicated conventional transducers
  • PipeWIZARD V4 software present in the PipeWIZARD system is flexible, simple and scalable. It is used for automatic setup creation, advanced weld inspection, rapidly analyzing various data and automatic report generation
  • External hard drive is used for storing data files. Internet to other parties are usually used for transferring the data files
  • PipeWIZARD VIEWER is used for loading the data files which are produced by the PipeWIZARD V4 software. It runs on Microsoft Windows XP Pro with SP2, Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Vista

The advantages of AUT:

  • No radiation hazard, no chemicals, no licensing
  • Very short inspection cycle time for high production rate
  • Better detection and sizing accuracy, leading to lower rejection rate
  • Use of engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) acceptance criteria with measurment of vertical height and depth of indications, reducing rejection rate
  • Real-time analysis from smart output display
  • Data and inspection reports on electronic support
  • Better control of welding process, also giving lower rejection rate