Positive Material Identification


Material specification and selection of material is very important for all construction industries, design engineers make materials selection depending on temperature, service, pressure, corrosion resistance and cost effective etc, it is the responsibility of field engineers to make sure the material procured are as per design and specification.

Positive material identification is Non destructive testing technique used to support field engineers to identify the materials to make sure that the material used for construction is as per the standards and approved drawings. Mobile portable PMI equipments works based on two main principle X-Ray fluorescent method using low x ray radiation and Optical Emission technology using spark Emission. X-Ray Fluorescent method is mainly used for grading the material and analyzing by elements except carbon, phosphorous,silicon by using a very portable XRF Analyzer. Optical emission technique is capable in detecting 100% elements including Carbon, phosphorus and silicon with a mobile equipment.

We provide all kind of PMI services using both the methods, our lab is fully equipped with different type of equipments and our operators are well qualified and trained to fulfill all kind of requirements.