Our Independent Third-Party Inspections help clients around the world protect their financial, branding, and legal interests throughout the entire supply chain – from raw materials and finished goods to plant facilities and assets. We offer inspection services to manufacturers, retailers, traders, New Constructions & Revamp Projects, plant operators, governments and other buyers, sellers of materials, products and Project management team in the world’s markets related to all sectors, mostly in Oil & Gas, Energy & Power and other commercial Sectors. Our state-of-the-art solutions will enable you to satisfy product quality requirements of national and international standards and regulations. Third Party Inspection department remains truly committed to outstanding ‘ Quality and Meticulousness’. We have a strong team of well experienced Inspection Engineers on various category Inspections with the backing of an expert Conventional & Advanced NDT Department supported by special R&D Division within the NDT CCS Group.


Our Third-Party Inspection Team is well qualified, equipped and experienced to conduct material inspections and to perform surveys based on Industry Standards and Codes to satisfactorily meet the requirements of the Clients. Inspection of materials such as Pipes, Plates, Fittings, Scaffolding Materials, Valves, Switchboards, Distribution boards, Transformers, Coating materials, Welding consumables, Pressure Gauges, Cables, Raw materials, Bricks, Rebars, etc. are carried out in conformity with the established Industry Standards and Client Specifications


Backed by a bunch of well experienced Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers, the Third-Party Inspection Team can provide seamless support in capital construction for Refineries, and for the construction of various Plants in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Manufacturing Sectors. We are experts in weld integrity checking, coatings, Field surveys, Rebar testing, Concrete testing, Material fit-ups prior to welding, Review of NDT Reports, Loop checking, Coating and Cathodic Protection Inspections, etc.


Our Coating / Painting Inspectors, Cathodic Protection specialists have to their credit certifications in various levels from NACE International and BGAS to verify the Project QC practices and product specifications to ensure a perfect outcome in line with the specifications to meet the requirements of the Client


Our Welding Inspectors certified by TWI CL (CSWIP) and American Welding Society (AWS), who are well versed in relevant Codes and Industry Standards such as ASME, API, AWS, ASTM, BSEN, ISO, SHELL, provide a perfect and seamless services to our valued Clients. We do provide consultation services apart from Welding/Brazing/Fuzing procedure & Welder/Brazer qualifications.

Static, Rotating Equipment & Skid Package Inspections

Integrated Inspection Team of INTREX is highly qualified and experienced to perform inspection of static and rotating equipment such as Storage Tanks, Vessels, Columns, Boilers, Reactors, Heaters, Conveyer systems, Turbines, Pumps, Skid process packages, etc.

Marine Facility Inspections & Clasifications

Specially trained and equipped team of Engineers perform Marine Inspection – Offshore Rig Inspection, – Marine steel Structures, Sea Islands, Oil Piers, Harbors, Boat Jetty, Submarine Pipelines, Buoy, Mooring chains, Offshore Vessels, Shipping Containers, etc. throughout the progress of construction, commissioning, maintenance period and for other clearance and classification purposes.

Piping, Pipeline & Flowline Inspections

A dedicated team specialized in inspection of Plant Piping, Export Pipelines & flowlines conduct the exclusive inspection of various Plant Process Piping, Export Pipelines for Crude Oil, Fuel Gas etc. as well as flowlines from various wells across the land of Kuwait.

Vendor Facility Inspections / Audits

Highly experienced professionals of INTREX are capable of conducting various inspections on Vendor Facilities globally, which includes general auditing of their process, system and products. INTREX In-house Inspection Team is always available to cater your requirements ensuring quality and satisfaction

Factory and Site Acceptance Tests/Qualifications

Our Approved Inspection Team is qualified for conducting Factory Acceptance Test at various manufacturing units located globally followed by Site Acceptance Test after installation at project location. Our services consist of Inspection of all mechanical equipment, skid process packages, Electrical systems, Instrument systems, etc. as per client requirements and international standards.

Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS)

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) services are offered with quality and accuracy by our trained Team. The integrity and performance of assets such as Plant Piping, Skids, Reactors, Boilers, Pumps, flowlines, Pipelines, Storage Tanks, Vessels etc. are accurately assessed and performance lifecycle is optimized in compliance with the HSE and other regulatory requirements. We have extensive experience in fitness-for-service assessments on various assets (pressure vessels, pipelines, offshore-structures, etc.) – helping oil and gas operators make “run-repair-replacement” decisions.


We are a LEEA full Membership certified company having an Independent Lifting Inspection Team with qualified Inspection Engineers (LEEA Qualified Engineers on various categories) capable of providing inspection services for all type of Lifting Equipment & tackles used in various sectors such as Oil and Gas, Power & Energy, Marine and Shipping, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Construction industries, etc. We provide specialist advice on lifting equipment regulatory compliance and conduct thorough examination of Lifting Equipment (Fixed & mobile type) and all type of lifting tackles to ensure full compliance with Manufacturer requirements, relevant standards, and other regulations of local bodies.

Lifting Equipment & Tackles/gear Inspections

Our services include on-site inspections, field Inspections, Vendor Workshops, Warehouses, etc. for all type of lifting equipment such as Mobile Crane, Overhead Crane, Tower Crane, Offshore Pedestal Crane, Slewing Jib Crane, Forklift Truck, Loader Crane, Hoists, Manlift, Cradles, Winches, Side Boom pipe layers, Lift / Elevators, Escalator, Chain block, Lever Hoist, Jaw Winch, Gantry Crane, etc. and lifting tackles such as chain slings, wire rope slings, textile slings, shackles, pad eyes, clamps, beams, Swivels, Links, Hooks, Harness, etc. We follow the LOLER regulations as well as European and US standards as per manufacturer/Owner requirements. All our Inspection team is qualified in various LEEA courses and inspections are strictly based on applicable Code requirements.

Mobile Equipment Inspections

Our Inspection Team have to their credit extensive experience in Inspection of Mobile Equipment such as Fuel Tankers, Water Tankers, Vacuum Tankers, Acid Tanks ( Lined & Unlined), Frac Tanks, Pumping Units, Batch mixer Units, various Mobile Process units, Cementing Units, Coil Tubing Units, Trailers, Welding Machines, Tower Lights, Generators. etc. All the Mobile equipment inspection are performed as per international codes & standards.